About Win Guard

WIN Guard was launched by Ideon Science Park in 2016, following a request by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, with the aim of bringing innovative solutions to the public safety sector.


New possibilities and new risks

Our society is ever-changing due to technical advancement, climate change and social and demographic developments. Change brings new possibilities – but also risks. Ensuring public safety at the event of fire, flooding or an accident is the responsibility of municipalities and emergency services. These organisations need innovative solutions to meet future challenges. Private sector organisations and companies operating in the public safety sector also need innovative solutions, products and services to tackle the challenges ahead.

A sustainable society

Our aim is to bring more innovations to the field of public safety and create a sustainable society that is set up for an ever-changing world. The collaboration between public institutions and innovation companies is initially financed through the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency and is based on a networking method where needs are matched with innovations. This method has successfully been implemented in water resource management for several years. IDEON SCIENCE PARK runs the network with support from the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency and other organisations.

Contact the Swedish civil contingencies agency (MSB)

Håkan Axelsson and Andreas Papp are MSB’s contacts regarding WIN Guard. If you want to have a dialogue with MSB regarding WIN Guard, contact one of them. Their job is to support the initial start-up phase and the development of WIN Guard by facilitating contacts with municipalities and other administrative authorities.

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